Pulse check; or, we’re still here!


*dusts off mic*
Hey everyone! We know it’s been several months since our last episode, and so we just wanted to check in and tell y’all that this project of ours is STILL kicking. We’ve just had a lot of things going on in our personal and professional lives that we haven’t had the time to squeeze in the time to produce a new episode. But we’re back and a new episode is on the way!

Full Transcript:

Ondine:               Are you going to lean in like that? How come?

Drew:                   Do you hear that?

Ondine:               Yeah. Don’t talk so low.

Drew:                   Do you hear that?

Ondine:               Yeah, that’s better. I hear it.

Drew:                   What is it?

Ondine:               Wait, what do you mean?

Drew:                   Listen.

Ondine:               I’m not sure.

Drew:                   Do you hear it?

Ondine:               What am I listening for?

Drew:                   It’s right there.

Ondine:               What is it?

Drew:                   It’s the sound of our podcasts coming back.

Ondine:               Ooh.

Drew:                   Yeah.

Ondine:               Yeah, right, well.

Ondine:               Hi everyone.

Drew:                   Hi, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

Ondine:               It has been a minute. Apologies to folks who have reached out because they were wondering if we were still even doing this. We have had a lot going on.

Drew:                   Yeah. What’s been going on with you?

Ondine:               I’ve been very busy at work. Just had a lot of stuff to do. Done some traveling, scheming.

Drew:                   Scheming. I love scheming.

Ondine:               And making plans for future stuff. And also just enjoying life, right? Taking time to relax.

Drew:                   One of the things I think we had talked about when we started this was, we weren’t going to really try to stick too hard to a schedule so as to not beat ourselves up about it when we weren’t able to do it. And I think we are living that, right now.

Ondine:               Yeah.

Drew:                   You know? Yeah. We can go four months and it’s still going to be season one.

Ondine:               That’s right. But we are really excited to come back and we wanted to let folks know that this podcast is still active, and we have exciting-

Drew:                   It’s still got a pulse.

Ondine:               Yeah, we have exciting topics that we want to focus on in the future, in the near future. We’ve got guests we’re just reaching out to, folks we want to get on here to talk about their experience. So, in fact, our next episode will be about the word decolonization and what that actually means.

Ondine:               We want to go in on that a little bit cause we haven’t spent as much time there and we think it’s important. It’s our responsibility to do so. And I’m looking forward to that conversation.

Drew:                   Yeah. It’s one of those things that after you do a few episodes you realize like, “If we had to do it all over again, maybe this’ll be the first episode, right?”

Ondine:               Yeah.

Drew:                   It’s the … I don’t know there’s a word for that, like the the second coming, something like that. Like a rebirth. I don’t know.

Ondine:               Big thank you, though, to folks who have continued to share, to folks who have left reviews on iTunes and Facebook, we always appreciate that, so feel free to keep doing that. People who give us comments on Facebook and then social media, we really just appreciate you guys listening. It’s been really great.

Drew:                   We’re just wanting to check in, promise though, next episode that Ondine mentioned is coming up, but we’re still here. We’re not gone yet. Nobody’s scared us off.

Ondine:               Not yet.

Drew:                   Not yet. All right. Talk to you soon.

Ondine:               Talk to you soon, everybody.

[Music playing]

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